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My name is Tariq Hossenbux. Thanks for visiting my website!   I will tell you a little about myself here. Currently I am doing consulting work for small businesses which i enjoy. I also hold a Canadian Airline Transport pilot license with over 2300 hours flown. I have flown throughout the North Eastern quarter of  North America. I have a passion for helping to make pet dogs and cats lives better too. Sharing my knowledge of how to manage pet cancers is something that I feel I have a mission to do. They are some of our best friends so they deserve it.  While I am not a vegetarian, I am strongly against factory farming practices because of the consequences for livestock animals. My life philosophy is to always be exploring and learning about the world around us.


I love to explore. On this continent I have been to hundreds of towns and cities from the Arctic to Florida. I have also been to the Bahamas, Mexico, England, Spain, and Mauritius Island. On a road trip you might be annoyed because I will stop at every garage sale trying to find an exciting hidden treasure. I enjoy hiking and walking in general, as well as biking. The slower speed gives me more time to take in the scenery. I also love to learn and try new things out. I have even made a few oil paintings of landscapes and pets, most of which  I give away as gifts. I prefer action packed films and television, and mostly read about current events or history. Ancient mysteries fascinate me especially, but I also do a lot of reading about more recent times. You can count on me to be up to date about the latest world news.

I have a special interest in  nutrition and sharing what i learn with others. Its amazing how a specific  food can protect a specific body part. My experience with pets has shown me how most nutritional knowledge applies to humans just as much as it does to dogs or cats.  When it comes to my own diet the most important things i am conscientious about including in my own diet are berries, greens, and omega 3 oils. The less chemicals the better so i prefer organic foods and drinking well water over tap water.

My favourite foods to eat are Mexican, Chinese and Indian. Spicy ones rather than sweet, but I do love wine gums and the occasional  slice of cherry cheesecake too. I go to a cardio class a few times a week to try and stay in shape. The detoxifying sweat you work up in those classes is good for you!

I believe overcoming prejudices towards others is one of the greatest challenges for the human race and the key to solving many of our problems.

Check out my photo gallery to get a glimpse into where I have been. My last adventure was a cross country driving trip where I visited Mount Rushmore and the spectacular Canadian Rockies. And drop me a line if want to find out more. I always love to hear from fellow travelers.


I would like help make the lives of others better. I am also looking for my next big adventure. There are still many places I want to visit and even more to which I want to return. The camera is charged up and my backpack is packed; drop me a line if you know where I should go next!



My YouTube Videos and Playlists https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgOp9G87gxekywIQkLdKDbw/feed

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Tariq Hossenbux is from a varied background both with respect to education, cultures and life experiences. Tariq has also flown over 2200 hours in small aircraft exploring many small places and learning from them.Tariq Hossenbux's interests were formed early in his life. Those personal interests include appreciating the beauty of the world, healthy eating, attending regular cardio classes, being an aviation enthusiast, world history, and artwork/photography. It is Tariq's hope that the diversity of his background will help bring people together in the future.

Alenia Successfully Tests Partially 3D Printed Winglets for C-27J Spartan Aircraft

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When it comes to military uses for 3D printing, the last two years have been somewhat of a breakthrough window for the technology. In the US, virtually every b

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Spending five days flying a solar-powered plane across the Pacific is a surprisingly zen experience

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YOU’D THINK ANYONE who spent 118 hours alone in a space the size of a refrigerator would go absolutely crazy. Not André Borschberg.

The Swiss pilot just crossed the Pacific in a solar plane with a cockpit so small he couldn’t stand, let alone walk around. And he loved it. 

Flying over so vast an expanse of sea, with no landmarks, was oddly soothing, he said. He felt utterly at peace. Everything—flying, sleeping, preparing his meals—was contemplative. Even using the toilet became a “very zen experience,” he says. (He didn’t offer details, and we didn’t ask.)

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After drone diverts fire-fighting planes, lawmakers want fines and jail time

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In late June, the Lake Fire burned through 30,000 acres of California wilderness in San Bernardino county. In order to keep the flames from encroaching on an area of nearby houses, the US Forest Service sent three planes filled with fire retardant—a DC-10 and two smaller planes—to dump on an area of the fire. That cargo never reached its intended target, however, because the low-flying planes had to turn back when they encountered a drone flying about 800 or 900 feet off the ground. The DC-10 was able to deposit its flame retardant in another location, but the two smaller planes had to jettison their loads in order to land.

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Solar plane damaged by heat, won't fly until August

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A record-setting trip across the Pacific overheated the batteries, forcing the Solar Impulse team to ground the plane.

The Solar Impulse 2’s team says the batteries were over-insulated and became overheated on day one of the Japan-Hawaii leg.

The team said Saturday that it monitored the situation throughout the flight. But in a statement, the organizers said there was no way to decrease the temperature for the remaining duration of the flight, since each day the plane was required to ascend 28,000 feet and descend as part of its energy management plan.

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