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  • Tariq Hossenbux on 2014-Mar-16 00:46:25 Tariq Hossenbux said

    Dinnertime at the French Restaurent at the resort. You were allowed two nights at the A La Carte Restaurent. Not too much of a difference from the regular buffet nights really.
  • Brandie on 2016-Dec-18 18:54:11 Brandie said

    Awhile back youtube made some changes to their embedded player, I came to the blog and saw all the negative comments and they fixed the problem the next day. Youtube seems to listen to it's users so I'm hoping this new video player won't last long on the site. And if it does stay hopefully th;el#39y&l do something to make it so people without widescreen monitors can watch the video without having to make it fullscreen.

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