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December 23, 2016, at 03:07 AM by Dolley - JRthZyT2n
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December 22, 2016, at 07:57 AM by Janaye - s18VWoC27GdW
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December 21, 2016, at 07:18 PM by Mira - B6zZyEOhHsz
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December 19, 2016, at 11:36 PM by Jeannie - n1MI5bgCf5
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December 18, 2016, at 07:00 PM by Delia - BvK3YpOWQo4b
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(:Summary: Log of changes made to PmWiki by [[Release(Notes)]]:)
See [[Cookbook:RecentChanges | the cookbook recent changes page]] for additional updates and activity by other developers, or join the [[PmWiki (/) mailing lists]] to discuss feature development with us.

(:comment Changes made to the [[PmWiki:Subversion | subversion pre-release ]] of PmWiki.:)
!!! [[#v2260]] Version 2.2.60 (2014-01-12)
* Revert to previous pmwiki.css file.

!!! [[#v2259]] Version 2.2.59 (2014-01-11)
* Fix checking multiple posted fields in blocklist.php (reported by Randy Brown).
* Allow Markup_e() to accept a callback as well as code.
* Fix "+" shortcut for internal anchor links.
* Disable HTML cache if count($_GET)>1 not >2 (PITS:01278).
* Fix query string if a "?" is encoded to uppercase "%3F".
* Replace CSS font sizes from points (fixed) to percents (relative) for the default skin.
* Fix nested conditionals containing $pagename (reported by Benjamin Grassineau).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2258]] Version 2.2.58 (2013-12-25)
* Allow $LinkUpload to be usable in [=(:attachlist:)=].
* Enable customizations of [=(:input auth_form:)=].
* Remove unused variable $Block in FormatTableRow(), reported by Klonk.
* Fix $EnableBlocklistImmediate to check all posted fields for blocked terms.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2257]] Version 2.2.57 (2013-11-03)
* Encode international character used for detection of a recode function.
* Enable $IMapLinkFmt['Attach:'] to be used in [[PmWiki/PageDirectives#attachlist|[=(:attachlist:)=]]] links.
* Add $MakePageNameSplitPattern.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2256]] Version 2.2.56 (2013-09-30)
* Work in progress to remove the core dependency of the deprecated "eval" feature of the preg_replace() function (PITS:01319).
* Add functions PCCF(), PPRE(), PPRA(), Markup_e(), migrating all core calls to these functions.
* Fix detection of proper PageStore->recodefn.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2255]] Version 2.2.55 (2013-09-16)
* Add $EnableDraftAtomicDiff (PITS:01007).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2254]] Version 2.2.54 (2013-08-13)
* Fix broken page history for draft pages, reported by ChuckG.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2253]] Version 2.2.53 (2013-07-08)
* Show a message when the post has been blocked because of too many unapproved links.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2252]] Version 2.2.52 (2013-06-08)
* Add docx, pptx, xlsx upload extentions.
* Hide E_DEPRECATED warnings for PHP 5.5.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2251]] Version 2.2.51 (2013-05-08)
* Update url to MoinMoin's blocklist.
* Comment-out as the domain appears to have expired.
* Fix possible XSS vulnerability in prefs.php, discovered today.
* Fix access keys to be a single character.
* Fix $AuthorPage if there is a group named the same as the author (PITS:01259).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2250]] Version 2.2.50 (2013-04-08)
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2249]] Version 2.2.49 (2013-03-09)
* Add $UploadBlacklist array.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2248]] Version 2.2.48 (2013-02-11)
* Fix bug introduced yesterday with some links, reported by Michael Weiner (PITS:01308).

!!! [[#v2247]] Version 2.2.47 (2013-02-10)
* Enable tooltip titles for links to anchors on the same page.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2246]] Version 2.2.46 (2013-01-07)
* Add third parameter to fixperms() explicitly setting the permissions.
* Add $UploadPermAdd and $UploadPermSet variables.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2245]] Version 2.2.45 (2012-12-02)
* Cleanup some PHP notices (PITS:01304).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2244]] Version 2.2.44 (2012-10-21)
* Better display of whitespace in page histories.
* Fix definition for PageTextVariables containing a dash (PITS:00978).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2243]] Version 2.2.43 (2012-09-20)
* Allow for HTML attribute names to contain dashes, eg. data-transition, data-role etc.
* Remove warning when previewing Site.EditForm.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2242]] Version 2.2.42 (2012-08-20)
* Convert the line-endings in the docs/ directory to \r\n compatible with Windows.
* Modify PHSC() to call  htmlspecialchars() with a single-byte encoding argument.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2241]] Version 2.2.41 (2012-08-12)
* Change $KeepToken to "\034\034" which is compatible with more encodings.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2240]] Version 2.2.40 (2012-07-21)
* Add PHSC() helper function as a replacement of htmlspecialchars() for PHP 5.4 (PITS:01292).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2239]] Version 2.2.39 (2012-06-25)
* Fix URL encoding of attachment links.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2238]] Version 2.2.38 (2012-05-21)
* Fix "Wrong parameter count for utf8_decode" warning, reported by Simon.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2237]] Version 2.2.37 (2012-05-01)
* Add page filename encoding functions.
* Better handling of dots in [@[[#anchor_1.2]]@] sections (PITS:01285).
* Expand PageVariables in PageList template defaults (PITS:01282).
* Add test for iconv() and mb_convert_encoding(), refactor recode().
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2236]] Version 2.2.36 (2011-12-28)
* Add $EnableOldCharset variable and $page["=oldcharset"] entry.
* Refactor PageStore->recode() to recover Windows-1252 characters.
* Add exit line to xlpage-iso-8859-2.php (PITS:01275).
* Fix difference in defining and removing "invisible" PTVs.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2235]] Version 2.2.35 (2011-11-11)
* Fix critical PHP injection vulnerability (PITS:01271, reported by Egidio Romano).
* Important change: Disable script loading from XLPage().
* Move the processing of [@[[link|+]]@] inside LinkPage() and delete markup rule from stdmarkup.php.
* Modify MakeLink() to better handle link titles.
* Add optional $LinkTitleFunction allowing recipes to customize the link titles.
* Fix ReadTrail() to better handle links with titles.
* Add title attributes for the HTML templates in the @@ $LinkPage*Fmt @@ variables.
* Add upload extensions svg, xcf, ogg, flac, ogv, mp4, webm, odg, epub.
* Minor optimization for the MarkupExpressions for UTF-8 strings.
* Minor optimization of the rendering of page history.

!!! [[#v2234]] Version 2.2.34 (2011-10-10)
* Add [[PmWiki/MarkupExpressions]] replacements for UTF-8.
* Reset timestamps of Site(Admin).AuthUser to 1000000000, used in upgrades.php.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2233]] Version 2.2.33 (2011-09-23)
* Fix locked states for Site and SiteAdmin GroupAttributes (reported by Brijesh Kothari).
* Fix intermap.txt entries PITS: and Wikipedia: to point to their current locations.
* Fix refcount.php to produce valid HTML (PITS:01266).

!!! [[#v2232]] Version 2.2.32 (2011-09-18)
* Add required html xmlns attribute to the print skin template.
* Add PageStore->recode() function.
* Add $DefaultPageCharset array.
* Optimize for speed the inline diff for page history when too many lines were added or deleted.
* Update and convert to UTF-8 the documentation.

%note% Note: Due to a manipulation error, a version 2.2.31 was created before it was ready for a release.

!!! [[#v2230]] Version 2.2.30 (2011-08-13)
* Fix $Charset definition in iso-8859-*.php files.
* Add $EnableRangeMatchUTF8, set it to 1 to enable range matches in UTF-8.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2229]] Version 2.2.29 (2011-07-24)
* Fix Attach links that were broken with the Path fix in 2.2.28.
* Add $IMapLocalPath array containing InterMap prefixes that should be treated as local.

!!! [[#v2228]] Version 2.2.28 (2011-07-24)
* Fix potential XSS vulnerability in refcount.php (PITS:01262).
* Fix bug in Path: links (PITS:01260).
* Fix potential XSS vulnerability in custom SitePreferences (PITS:01263).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2227]] Version 2.2.27 (2011-06-19)
* Add block WikiStyle [=%justify%=] (PITS:01253).
* Remove unused <vspace> after a redirection (PITS:01255).
* Add ?nodiff=1 parameter for page history to disable diff rendering and show only restore links.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2226]] Version 2.2.26 (2011-05-21)
* Fix ReadTrail(), redundant replacing of hashes, already done in MakePageName().
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2225]] Version 2.2.25 (2011-03-22)
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2224]] Version 2.2.24 (2011-02-15)
* Add [@{$$PageTrailDepth}@] pseudovariable for pagelist templates.
* Fix PageVar(), add $authpage array for an authenticated page data, removed $EnablePageVarAuth.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2223]] Version 2.2.23 (2011-01-25)
* Default $EnablePageVarAuth to 0 until the resolution of PITS:01242.

!!! [[#v2222]] Version 2.2.22 (2011-01-16)
* Add $EnableXLPageScriptLoad to XLPage() to prevent editors from changing the encoding.
* PageVariables now respect authentications (PITS:01213).
* Add $EnablePageVarAuth.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2221]] Version 2.2.21 (2010-12-14)
* Fix potential XSS vulnerability, reported by DFaure.
* Fix invalid HTML for simple table captions, reported by JL.
* Fix WikiStyles could work not properly if a value was empty like accesskey="".

!!! [[#v2220]] Version 2.2.20 (2010-12-14)
* Fix Pagelist [={$$variable}=] didn't work in template none (PITS:01212).
* Fix interface access keys in browse mode (PITS:01188).
* Add PmL10n: intermap prefix for the Localization/ group on (PITS:01180).
* Fix AuthUser excluding members didn't work (PITS:01201).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2219]] Version 2.2.19 (2010-11-10)
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2218]] Version 2.2.18 (2010-09-04)
* Fix $SaveAttrPatterns to skip nested conditionals (reported by RandyB).
* Fix RecentChanges when an edit summary contains the dollar sign (PITS:01217).
* Fix RDF feed number of elements (PITS:01198).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2217]] Version 2.2.17 (2010-06-20)
* Add tabindex as a valid form attribute (PITS:01190).
* Collapse adjacent insertions in DiffRenderSource (PITS:01192).
* Fix HandleDownload to flush() output before exit (PITS:01199).
* Fix HandleDownload to respect $EnableIMSCaching (PITS:01191).
* Add $PostConfig functions and scripts, loaded after stdconfig.php (PITS:01132).
* Add $AuthUserPat variable for the regexp pattern in AuthUserId() (PITS:01202).
* Pass $authlist as last parameter to $AuthUserFunctions (PITS:01197).
* Fix "exists" conditional to work with old link markup.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2216]] Version 2.2.16 (2010-05-10)
* Allow "exists" conditional to accept wildcards (PITS:01184)
* Fix GUI button [=%center%=] which didn't work correctly.
* Fix incorrectly parsed quote in PQA(), possible script injection (discovered by Hanno Boeck).

!!! [[#v2215]] Version 2.2.15 (2010-03-27)
* Add @@ (Auth|Edit)Form @@ to auto-translated titles.
* Fix [@ (:if auth LEVEL:) @] to respect $HandleAuth (PITS:01164).
* Skip loading of the second half of draft.php if $action!="edit".
* Fix bug with [@ (:template none:) @] introduced in 2.2.14, reported by Holger.
* Fix HandleDownload() to use binary file-read.

!!! [[#v2214]] Version 2.2.14 (2010-02-27)
* Fix inline styles in WikiTrails (PITS:01121).
* Add a negation parameter to pagelist first/last templates (PITS:01127).
* Refactor FPLTemplateFormat(), move repeated code blocks into FPLExpandItemVars().
* Add $EnableUndefinedTemplateVars allowing to hide or show undefined template/include [={$$variables}=] (PITS:01152).
* Add "title" attribute to external links (PITS:00657).
* Add FmtPageTitle() to allow automatic i18n titles for RecentChanges and other technical pages (PITS:01157).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2213]] Version 2.2.13 (2010-02-21)
* Replace deprecated in PHP 5.3 function split() with explode().
* Add $WordDiffFunction default to PHPDiff().
* Use existing border colors as highlighting background.
* Refactor/optimize DiffRenderSource(), merge with DiffRenderInline().
* Change default history to show word-level highlighting.
* Fix bug with $DiffKeepNum which kept less revisions than it should.
* Fix RetrieveAuthPage() call from HandleDiff().
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2212]] Version 2.2.12 (2010-02-17)
* Allow a custom $DiffHTMLFunction to skip the line rendering if it returns false.
* Add $EnableDiffInline, simple word-level diffs (PITS:00571).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v2211]] Version 2.2.11 (2010-02-14)
* Break PrintDiff() into customizable functions (PITS:01106).
* Add anchors to individual diffs (PITS:00796).
* Remove unused $RecipeInfo definition in markupexpr.php (reported by P.Bowers).
* Add [=(:head:) and (:headnr:)=] table directives (PITS:00535).
* Fix $GroupPattern and $NamePattern in xlpage-utf-8.php.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v229]] [[#v2210]] Version 2.2.9, 2.2.10 (2010-01-17)
* Fix i18n string in PasswdVar(), reported by SteP.
* Fix sample-config.php with correct information about $EnableWSPre (PITS:01145).
* Fix range searches for wikis in UTF-8 (reported by Maxim).
* Fix global variable $StringFolding in scripts/xlpage-utf-8.php.
* Fix markup for italics in creole.php.
* Fix previews for PTVs, Pagelist templates and included sections (PITS:01098).
* Add $DiffKeepNum - number of revisions kept, even if older than $DiffKeepDays.
* Add Yandex to robots.php.
* Change default $EnableRelativePageVars to 1 (PITS:01145).
* Add fifth parameter to SetProperty() : keep existing property.
* Add $EnablePageTitlePriority (PITS:00266, PITS:00779).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v228]] Version 2.2.8 (2009-12-07)
* Fix apostrophes in Author field (PITS:01155).
* Fix Condition "exists" for PHP 5.3 (PITS:01156).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v227]] Version 2.2.7 (2009-11-08)
* Fix GlobToPCRE() to work with !excl and -excl with PHP 5.3 (PITS:01149).
* Fix HandleDownload() correctly quote the filenames (PITS:01150).
* Fix SessionAuth() for PHP 5.3, the $_REQUEST array doesn't contain the $_COOKIE array (PITS:01141).
* Fix default timezone for PHP 5.3 (PITS:01141).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v226]] Version 2.2.6 (2009-10-04)
* Escape apostrophes for multiline textarea/hidden form fields.
* Fix global unset of $MarkupRules in [[PmWiki/CustomMarkup|Markup()]] and DisableMarkup(), reported by D.Faure.
* Fix call to BuildMarkupRules() in MarkupToHTML(), suggested by Pm.
* Allow disabling of $PageListFilters and $FPLTemplateFunctions if set to -1 and thus allow replacing a core function with a custom one.
* Fix DRange() returned timestamps +1min or +1day when it shouldn't (PITS:01125).
* Add $MarkupWordwrapFunction to allow custom [@(:markup:)@] line width for multibyte wikis (PITS:00703).
* Add $MakeUploadNamePatterns to allow custom filename normalization for uploads.
* Add a fourth argument to PostRecentChanges() to allow this function to be called with a custom $RecentChangesFmt array.
* Add $RecentUploadsFmt, to allow logging of new uploads to the RecentChanges pages (PITS:00088).
* Fix Notify for some installations in safe_mode (PITS:00976).
* Add $HTMLHeaderFmt['guiedit'] variable in guiedit.php to allow customization (PITS:01146).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v225]] Version 2.2.5 (2009-08-25)
* Add *.7z as accepted upload extension (PITS:00813).
* Fix global variable $HandleAttrFmt in HandleAttr (PITS:01126).
* Allow brackets in input element names (PITS:01131).
* Fix CSS class applied twice (PITS:01071).
* Fix Not-Modified headers could prevent caching (PITS:00802).
* Break FPLTemplate() into configurable sub-parts (PITS:01102).
* Add [@(:template none:)@] section for Pagelist templates.
* Fix attr-protected page could be deleted with edit permissions (PITS:00238).
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v224]] Version 2.2.4 (2009-07-16)
* Fix bug with page attributes, which somehow didn't make it in the 2.2.3 release.
* Fix bug with HTML entities in XLPages introduced earlier today in 2.2.3 (reverted, PITS:01114).

!!! [[#v223]] Version 2.2.3 (2009-07-16)
* Fix action=logout could incorrectly set a session cookie (PITS:01062).
* Fix page history trim in vardoc.php (PITS:01103).
* Add $EnableUploadGroupAuth, use group password for downloads (PITS:01104).
* Fix recursive PTV loops, added $MaxPageTextVars (PITS:00915, PITS:01099).
* Fix mkdirp() messages for absolute paths (PITS:00396).
* Fix sample-config.php order for urlapprove.php (PITS:01037).
* Fix broken signature links on preview.
* Fix crypt.php (action=crypt) could malfunction for passwords with quotes or apostrophes.
* Fix @@ @_site_*@@ passwords to work in GroupAttributes (PITS:00836, PITS:00998).
* Fix possible XSS vulnerabilities, reported by Michael Engelke.
* Update documentation.

!!! [[#v222]] Version 2.2.2 (2009-06-21)
* Fix class in pages not on the breadcrumbs trail, reported by Ed W.
* Fix @@tabindex@@ and @@onclick@@ to guiedit buttons.
* Fix $GroupPrintHeaderFmt in print.php (PITS:01073).
* Fix global vars in xlpage-utf-8.php (PITS:00980).
* Fix $txt in LinkPage (reported by Eemeli Aro).
* Add $EnableNotifySubjectEncode for international wikis (Cookbook:UTF-8).
* Fix international message in Abort().
* Fix security bug with AuthUser, reported by Eemeli Aro. See [[Release notes]].
* Fix $ActionTitleFmt for login and upload, reported by Eemeli Aro.

!!! [[#v221]] Version 2.2.1 (2009-03-28)
* Fix $FPLTemplateMarkupFunction which somehow didn't get in the 2.2.0 archive.
* Fix wikitrails to work cross-group (PITS:00407).
* Add $EnableRedirectQuiet variable (PITS:00919).
* Fix [={$Title}=] could display global variables (reported by HansB).
* Fix reloaded form submissions could lose values (reported by DaveG).
* Fix preview while restoring a version from history (PITS:01081).
* Fix relative links with international characters (reported by G. Hermanowicz).
* Add in sample-config.php example call to xlpage-utf-8.php (PITS:01066).
* Update documentation.
* Fix guiedit.php to produce valid HTML.

!! [[#v220]] Version 2.2.0 (2009-01-18)
* Convert beta series to official release series.
* Add $FPLTemplateMarkupFunction (PITS:00984, requested by John Rankin).

!!! [[#beta68]] Version 2.2.0-beta68 (2008-08-14)
* Fix E_NOTICE errors reported by Dominique Faure.
* Enable [@(:redirect:)@] directives in pagelists.

!!! [[#beta67]] Version 2.2.0-beta67 (2008-07-13)
* Add [={$LastModifiedTime}=] page variable.
* Add $EnableSessionPasswords variable to control session password usage.
* Add $SessionEncode and $SessionDecode variables to specify functions for encoding/decoding sensitive session data.
* Updated httpauth.php to use SessionAuth instead of poking in session guts directly.

!!! [[#beta66]] Version 2.2.0-beta66 (2008-07-04)
* Add content-type/charset to Abort() output (suggested by Petko).
* Close minor XSS vulnerability (PITS:01030).
* Add "nested if" capability.
* Fix bug in $Transition handling that would enable all transitions if any were set (reported by John Rankin).

!!! [[#beta65]] Version 2.2.0-beta65 (2007-11-17)
* Fix SiteAdmin.AuthList so that it defaults to list=all (reported by Roman).
* Fix pmwiki skin to include xmlns= attribute in <html> tag (PITS:00989, reported by Mateusz Czaplinski and Petko Yotov).

!!! [[#beta64]] Version 2.2.0-beta64 (2007-11-13)
* Add times to PmWiki date parsing (e.g., 2007-08-09T12:22:04).
* Suppress warning from ini_set in diag.php (suggested by Petko).
* Fix handling of -> links in trails (reported by Eemeli Aro).
* Add .kml and .kmz as valid attachment types.
* Fix handling of [=&amp;=] in markup (PITS:00988, reported by Stirling Westrup).
* Fix duplication of language markers in $XLLangs (PITS:00987, reported by Stirling Westrup).
* Correct typo in DRange() call in stdmarkup.php (reported by Stirling Westrup).
* Turn on error displays when diagnostics are enabled.
* Default PHP's pcre.backtrack_limit to at least 1000000.

!!! [[#beta63]] Version 2.2.0-beta63 (2007-07-31)
* Added $SkinDirectivesPattern to allow adjustments to available skin directives (requested by Petko).
* Fix default permissions on Site.AuthUser and Site.AuthList (reported by Scott Connard).
* Add "monospace" to pmwiki.css default (reported by Joshua Timberman, with assistance from H. Fox)
* Fix problem with slashes in wildcards to name= and group= parameters (reported by Ian MacGregor).

!!! Version 2.2.0-beta62 (2007-07-21)
* Fix bug in trails introduced by beta61 (reported by charlequin).

!!! Version 2.2.0-beta61 (2007-07-19)
* Add ability to grab trails by section.
* Add an "ontrail" condition (from suggestions by charlequin).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta59, 2.2.0-beta60 (2007-07-18)
* Fix problem with upgrade.php on [[wiki farms]] (reported by Scott Connard).
* Fix problem with distributed version of Site.AuthUser (reported by Jon Haupt).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta58 (2007-07-17)
* Significant change: Site.AuthUser, Site.Blocklist, Site.ApprovedUrls, and Site.NotifyList now appear in the [[SiteAdmin]] group by default.
** Note: if you limit groups by setting $GroupPattern, you now need to include SiteAdmin (see [[Cookbook:LimitWikiGroups]])
* Abort if ldap: authentication requested and libraries aren't present.
* Added "upgrades.php" script to handle various migration issues.
* Current PmWiki [[version]] is now held in [[SiteAdmin.Status]] .
* Fix ?action=postupload to follow ?action=upload settings.
* Improvements to [[SiteAdmin.AuthList]] page (suggestions and fixes from Ian MacGregor).
* Allow leading underscores in attachment names (requested by Christophe David).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta57 (2007-06-15)
* Fix AsSpacedUTF8() to work like AsSpaced() (reported by Petko).
* Qualify page links that contain parentheses (reported by Petko).
* Fix bug in [@(:input default $:var ... :)@] (reported by Crisses).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta56 (2007-06-13)
* Fix AsSpaced() to not add spaces before leading digit, and treat hyphenated digits as complete numbers.
* Fix infinite recursion in self-referencing [[page text variables]] (PITS:00915).
* Fix bug introduced in beta55 not handling end [[links|anchors]] correctly (reported by Roman).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta55 (2007-06-11)
* Fix attributes to [@(:input e_form:)@] (PITS:00387, re-reported by Crisses).
* UpdatePage() now calls StopWatch() to record posting.
* Display stopwatch output as part of redirect.
* Fix [[wiki styles]] bug when $EnableLinkPageRelative is set (reported by Petko).
* Revise TextSection() code to hopefully avoid %newwin%[[|pcre]] limits (reported by Kathryn Andersen, Knut Alboldt).
* Add wrap=inline and wrap=none options to [[page list(s#pagelistwrap)]].

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta53, 2.2.0-beta54 (2007-06-02)
* Improve error message reporting for markup rules (suggestion by Knut Alboldt).
* Clean up more E_NOTICE warnings (reported by Ian MacGregor).
* Add focus= option to [=(:=][[forms|input]]:) controls.
* Added CSS [@.faqtoc@] class, to be able to display only the questions coming from the #includefaq [[page list template(s)]].
* Changed [[PmWiki.FAQ]] to use .faqtoc class.
* Fix bug in TextSection (PITS:00935, reported by Jean-Fabrice).
* Fix bug in [[page list(s#pagelisttrail)]] caching of trails.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta52 (2007-05-26)
* Add per-PageStore attributes (from a suggestion by Tobias Thelen).
* Add [@{$PasswdRead}@], [@{$PasswdEdit}@], etc. to display page password settings.
* Add Site.AuthList to display all password permissions on a site.
* Reorder $PageListFilters slightly.
* Add "passwd=" option to [[page list(s#pagelistpasswd)]], to return only those pages that have some sort of [[password(s)]] attribute on them.
* Add line numbers to StopWatchHTML output.
* Clean up handling of $AuthCascade.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta51 (2007-05-23)
* Add fmt=count to [[page list(s#pagelistcount)]] (reminder from Hans).
* Ignore hidden files in [[skin(s)]] directories when searching for .tmpl (suggestion by Stephan Becker).
* Clean up queuing of pages to be updated in .pageindex .
* Reset $LinkTargets() at beginning of each UpdatePage() sequence.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta50 (2007-05-22)
* Fix HTML cache when drafts are enabled, or other recipes using CondAuth().
* Prevent [[page lists]] with protected pages from HTML cache.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta48, 2.2.0-beta49 (2007-05-21)
* Fix spurious value= attribute in &lt;textarea&gt; tag generated by [@(:input textarea ... :)@].
* Allow either [@(:input default ...:)@] or [@(:input defaults ...:)@].
* Fix problem with page text variable handling in [@(:input defaults:)@].
* Allow either [@(:template default:)@] or [@(:template defaults:)@] in [[page list templates]].
* Fix a bug handling dates with suffixes (reported by Crisses).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta47 (2007-05-20)
* Fix bug with quote handling in [@(:include:)@] options (reported by Hans).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta46 (2007-05-19)
* Moved $PageTextVarPatterns definition from scripts/stdmarkup.php to pmwiki.php.
* Ignore Markup() rules that have unresolved $when parameters.
* Fix issue in authuser.php when $auth array isn't set (contributed by Ben Stallings).
* The [@(:include:)@] directive now performs template argument processing on the included text.
* Optimized [@(:pagelist:)@] slightly when sorting on [[page variables]].
* Refactored [@(:input ... :)@] markups.
* Added HandleDispatch(), which allows action handlers to easily redispatch to other actions (and add messages).
* Added FmtTemplateVars(), to perform various template-substitutions.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta45 (2007-05-02)
* Update pmwiki's date parsing to use a common routine, recognizing dates within strings and restricting range to 1900-2039.
* Add additional parameter to "date" conditional.
* Add if= option to [[page list(s#pagelistif)]] (suggested by Crisses).
* Refactor code to use TextSection() and RetrieveAuthSection() functions.
* The value= parameter to [@(:input textarea:)@] now works properly (including values loaded from $InputValues).
* The [@(:input default:)@] directive now allows loading input control defaults from another page via the [@source=@] parameter.
* Remove automatic call to FmtPageName() in $ROSPatterns.  Add $ROEPatterns (from suggestions by JB and others).
* Fix minor variable bugs in scripts/crypt.php.
* Remove E_NOTICE errors (reported by Hans).
* Fix handling of page variables when pagename is empty or not provided.
* Add $EnableLinkPageRelative configuration option.
* Clean up handling of arguments to [@{(ftime ...)}@].
* Remove mailposts.php call in stdconfig.php (reported by Christophe David).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta44 (2007-04-16)
* Fix case conversion of U+027D and U+026B (reported by Petko).
* Add $FTimeFmt to set default formatting for [@{(ftime)}@].
* Add %s conversion to [@{(ftime)}@] for systems that don't have it by default.
* Report an error if edit [[form(s)]] cannot be read (suggested by Hans).
* Don't report ?cannot acquire lockfile when simply browsing pages.
* Add $EnableReadOnly flag to signal when PmWiki is to be run in read-only mode.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta43 (2007-04-15)
* Update drafts code to add $EnablePublishAttr and change button labels when drafts are enabled (PITS:00755).
* Removed no-longer-needed 'compat1x.php' and 'mailposts.php' from distribution.
* Added $DraftRecentChangesFmt.
* Added "[[markup expressions]]" [@{(...)}@] into the core.
* Added charset= attribute to saved pages.
* Update pagelist.php and xlpage-utf-8.php to handle case-insensitive searches.
* Added some optimizations to phpdiff.php script to produce more useful history information.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta42 (2007-03-27)
* Fix a bug with order=title in pagelists (reported by Anno).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta41 (2007-03-26)
* Added $EnableWSPre option, which allows easy adjustment of the "leading space -> preformatted text" (or "whitespace") rule.
* Added a new "pre" wikistyle, to designate blocks that are to be treated as preformatted text.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta40 (2007-03-24)
* Fix bug with order=title in pagelists when using $Titlespaced (PITS:00906, reported by Feral).
* Report state of allow_url_fopen when downloads fail in blocklist.php.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta39 (2007-03-23)
* Allow page variable filters to appear as options in [@(:template defaults:)@] (reported by SteP).
* Updated [[Site.PageListTemplates]] to use [@(:template:)@] directives.
* Remove '#wikileft h1' and '#wikileft h5' from pmwiki default stylesheet.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta38 (2007-03-22)
* Strip control characters from $ChangeSummary.
* Fix problem with count=m..n where m..n is outside the range of available pages (reported by SteP).
* Allow [@(:template default ...:)@] to specify a class= option.
* [[PmWiki/PageDirectives#redirect|Redirect]] pagename can now include an anchor (PITS:00558)

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta37 (2007-03-16)
* Allow an optional space after comma separators in wildcard patterns (reported by Han Baas).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta36 (2007-03-16)
* Allow nested [[page text variables]] to work, remove extraneous ENT_NOQUOTES parameter.
* Add new [@(:template ...:)@] directives for pagelist templates.
* Modify count= option to pagelists to allow for alternate ranges.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta35 (2007-03-05)
* Fix bug in [[conditional markup]] parsing (reported by Christophe David).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta33, 2.2.0-beta34 (2007-03-01)
* Refactor wildcard handling into its own GlobToPCRE function.
* Allow negated wildcards for page variable filters in pagelists (PITS:00878, reported by Jiri)
* Fix wildcards so that spaces no longer separate patterns (use commas).
* Fix handling of '&amp;' prior to [@(:input:)@] and other directives (reported by Luigi).
* Adjust position of [@%define=...%@] [[wiki styles]] to occur after ampersands.
* Adjust copyright dates on many files.
* Allow spaces around text variable names in [[page text variable(s)]] markups.

!!! [[#beta32]] Version 2.2.0-beta32 (2007-02-28)
* Fix erroneous $EnableCreole item in docs/sample-config.php (reported by Sigurd).
* Added [@(:elseif:)@] and [@(:else:)@] markups (PITS:00787).
* Fix global $Skin variable handling when using SetSkin from within markup.
* Make sure directives aren't treated like [[page text variables]] (reported by Petko).
* Remove call to ResolvePageName() from authuser.php .
* Simplify [[PmWiki/AuthUser#LDAP|LDAP]] authentication for Active Directory sites.
* Cache lowercase/uppercase patterns in AsSpacedUTF8().

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta31 (2007-02-11)
* Fix bug with sorting on [[pagelist variables]] (reported by Kathryn Andersen).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta29, 2.2.0-beta30 (2007-02-09)
* MakePageName now uses the first matching entry of $PagePathFmt as the home page of groups without a home page.
* Add AsSpacedUTF8() to handle title spacing in utf-8 (PITS:00875, contributed by Petko, Celok)
* Fix $RequestedPage when running with utf-8.
* Add <meta> content-type tag for utf-8.
* Add an experimental caching system for pagelists.
* Fix $SuffixPattern and link suffixes for utf-8 (PITS:00881, reported by ppip).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta28 (2007-02-03)
* Update blocklist.php so that all posted fields are checked for block values (PITS:00850).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta27 (2007-01-25)
* Fix markup processing sequence for [@(:input default:), (:input select:)@], etc. (problem noted by Marc).
* Fix default value of [@order=@] parameter to MakePageList().

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta26 (2007-01-23)
* Fix a bug where pagelist list= option had no effect when reading from trails (from an rss problem noted by Russ Fink).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta24, 2.2.0-beta25 (2007-01-22)
* Add a scripts/creole.php module for Creole markup (
* Move WikiWords out of the core defaults -- can be enabled via $EnableWikiWords.
* Fix handling of WikiWords following & or #, as in [=&AElig; and #FFFF00=] (reported by Moni Kellermann).
* Adjust FormatTableRow() to support Creole-style tables (using single |'s).
* Update docs/sample-config.php with new configurations and options.
* Added code to allow Abort() to refer to additional information on
* Added $EnableSkinDiag, which checks templates for required <!--HTMLHeader--> and <!--HTMLFooter--> directives.
* Removed deprecated $BasicLayoutVars support from skins.php.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta22, 2.2.0-beta23 (2007-01-17)
* Added $EnableActions, to allow pmwiki.php to be included without generating output (from a suggestion by Wouter Groeneveld).
* Fix bug in "order=" option to [@(:pagelist:)@] (reported by Mike Bishop).
* Change DisplayStopWatch() function to StopWatchHTML().
* Allow multiple lines for markup:, wiki:, and page: template directives (reported by Marc)

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta21 (2007-01-12)
* Fix <vspace> bug in searchresults output (PITS:00846, reported by M. Czaplinski, marc, and others).
* Fix numerous E_NOTICE warnings and incorrect constants (PITS:00853, contributed by AndrewFyfe).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta20 (2007-01-11)
* $FeedPageListOpt needs to be declared global in feeds.php.
* Add "404 Not Found" status code to ?invalid page name aborts (PITS:00854, suggested by Athan).
* Remove stale entries from $PageExistsCache when a new PageStore is added (reported by Hans).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta19 (2006-12-29)
* Have blocklist check $_POST['text'] only when it is set (from a report by Simon).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta18 (2006-12-28)
* Change $pagename parameter in UpdatePage() to be passed by reference (suggestion by J. Meijer).
* Fix $EnableRobotsCloakActions so that it works again with page variables.
* Add "XML Sitemaps" to $RobotPattern.
* Change $MetaRobots to return "nofollow,noindex" for non-existent pages.
* Prefer "404 Not Found" to "403 Forbidden" for [[(PmWiki:)robots]] attempting to do invalid actions on non-existent pages.
* Add rel='nofollow' to "create attachment" links.
* Added class='inputbox' to select boxes (suggested by Hans).
* Added .odt, .ods, and .odp file extensions to allowed [[uploads]] (suggested by Algis Kabaila, Robin Sheat, and others).
* Clean up some error warnings (PITS:00801, contributed by psvo).
* Set $ScriptUrl to 'https:' when accessed via SSL link (suggestions from C. Ridderstr&ouml;m, H. Fox, PITS:00410, PITS:00527, PITS:00595).
* Fix bug in link= and trail= options to [@(:pagelist:)@] (reported by C. Ridderstr&ouml;m).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta17 (2006-12-13)
* Fix spurious hidden field in [@(:searchbox:)@] output (reported by Hans).
* Fix $CaseConversions array for \xc4\xb1 and \xc5\xbf (reported by Petko Yotov).
* Refactor [@(:input:)@] markup handling.
* Add [@(:input select ...:)@] markup (PITS:00567).
* Add [@(:input default ...:)@] markup -- may change before 2.2.0 release.
* Add ability to set defaults for radio/checkbox/select controls.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta16 (2006-11-10)
* Fix problem with [@(:e_preview:)@] directive when viewing an edit form (reported by Dominique Faure).
* Fix out-of-memory problem in scripts/compat1x.php when dealing with large pages to be converted (contributed by Donald Gordon).
* Fix problem of Variable: lines immediately followed by newline (reported by Hans).
* Fix uninitialized variable errors in FormatTableRow() (reported by Bob Sanders).
* Fix second argument of MakeBaseName() (provided by Stirling Westrup).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta15 (2006-10-16)
* Fix bug with displaying multi-line [@(:var:value:)@] [[page text variables]] (reported by Pico).
* Improve PageStore ls() method slightly, to restrict pagename searches to directories of a given depth (based on an issue reported by Chris Cox).
* Added $IsBlocked status variable to scripts/blocklist.php.
* Added $UnapprovedLink array to report unapproved links.
* Added $TimeISOFmt, $TimeISOZFmt, and $CurrentTimeISO variables.
* Switched scripts/feeds.php to use $TimeISOZFmt instead of $ISOTimeFmt.
* Added [@request=@] option to [@(:pagelist:)@], switched pagelist to default to not use url/form parameters.
* Fixed bug with array [@{$$options}@] in pagelist.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta14 (2006-10-06)
* Fix problem with extra parameter to mail when $NotifyParameters is empty (reported by Tom Lederer).
* Improve configurability of $SearchPatterns (from suggestions by Stirling Westrup).
* Add ability for $WikiWordCount to disable wikiword spacing (PITS:00327).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta13 (2006-10-04)
* Fix handling of angle brackets (and potential XSS) in pagelists combined with page text variables (noted by Pico).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta12 (2006-10-03)
* Added the UpdatePage() function into the core. 

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta11 (2006-10-03)
* Added ability to automatically create targets.
* Added sample code to docs/sample-config.php for automatic generation of Category.* pages.
* Fixed character escapes in pagelist [@{$$option}@] variables.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta10 (2006-10-02)
* Added [@{$$option}@] variables to get option values from [@(:pagelist:)@] (based on a recipe from Martin Fick).
* Changed [@{$PageCount}, {$GroupPageCount}, and {$GroupCount}@] to be [@{$$PageCount}, {$$GroupPageCount}, and {$$GroupCount}@].
* Added [@{$BaseName}@] page variable and $BaseNamePatterns.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta9 (2006-10-01)
* Fix bug with $EnablePageListProtect (reported by Brent Zupp).
* Added ability to select based on page variables in [@(:pagelist:)@].

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta8 (2006-09-30)
* Update scripts/blocklist.php to check only $_POST['text'] instead of entire markup text.
* Fix bug in pagelist.php that wouldn't return correctly formatted array in certain circumstances (noted by Florian Fischer and JDem).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta7 (2006-09-30)
* Added scripts/blocklist.php to core.
* Updated handling of $PageTextVarPatterns.
* Eliminated need for extra flush() steps in notify.php, pagelist.php.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta6 (2006-09-27)
* Fix bug with initialization of $FeedPageListOpt in scripts/feeds.php (reported by Roman).
* Fix bug with over-eager [@(:textvar:value:)@] markup (from a bug reported by Chris Cox).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta4, 2.2.0-beta5 (2006-09-27)
* Fix bug with name= option in pagelist (reported by Ben Wilson).
* Fix bug with array_merge under PHP 5 (reported by Kathryn Andersen).

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta3 (2006-09-26)
* Remove extra <!----> comment at end of table directives (noted by Ben Stallings).
* Fix directive form of page text variables (reported by Kathryn Andersen).
* Add first version of new modular pagelist code.

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta2 (2006-09-25)
* Add support for [@{$:var}@] page text variables, and [@(:var:...:)@] markup.
* Fix default setting of $EnableRelativePageVars in docs/sample-config.php .

!!!Version 2.2.0-beta1 (2006-09-25)
* Added [@{*$var}@] page variables (always the currently browsed page).
* Convert link and page variable handling in [=(:include:)=] to be relative to the included page.
* Added $EnableRelativePageVars and $EnableRelativePageLinks variables, as well as transition options.
* Added basepage= option to [=(:include:)=].
* Updated $GroupHeaderFmt and $GroupFooterFmt to use basepage= option.
* Adjusted $MakePageNamePatterns to automatically strip any #... or ?... from the end of a pagename input string (solution to a problem reported by J. Meijer).

!!!Version 2.1.27 (2006-12-11)
* Backport in bug fix for TableRowFormat (from 2.2.0-beta16).
* Add support for [@{*$Variable}@] syntax (from 2.2.0 page variables).

!!!Version 2.1.26 (2006-09-11)
* Fix a bug with variable referencing that caused feeds.php to get a confused PCache (reported by Helge Larsen).

!!!Version 2.1.25 (2006-09-08)
* Fixed a bug in authuser.php that would fail if $AuthUser isn't defined (reported by Hans Huijgen).
* Added <!--XMLHeader--> and <!--XMLFooter--> aliases to <!--HTMLHeader--> and <!--HTMLFooter--> directives in skin templates (suggested by John Rankin).
* Added $PageExistsCache (suggested by John Rankin).

!!!Version 2.1.24 (2006-09-06)
* Fixed a bug in authuser.php that had trouble dealing with non-array entries in $AuthUser (reported by Udo).
* Can now specify authorization groups using $AuthUser['@group'] entries.
* Can now specify an Apache .htgroup-formatted file for authorization groups via $AuthUser['htgroup'].

!!!Versions 2.1.21, 2.1.22, 2.1.23 (2006-09-05, 2006-09-06)
* Close a potential security hole with $FarmD when register_globals is set "On".
* Correct a syntax error in feeds.php (noted by Ben Wilson).
* Fix a bug that prevented PmWiki from reading page files generated by versions prior to 0.5.6 (discovered by Milan Avramovic).

!!!Version 2.1.20 (2006-09-04)
* Fixed a bug in [[PageDirectives#attachlist| [@(:attachlist:)@] ]] when passed a wikiword argument (reported by Kathryn Andersen).
* Changed $HTMLStylesFmt['markup'] to honor config.php setting (reported by Hans).

!!!Version 2.1.19 (2006-08-30)
* Corrected a bug in the pageindex code that was causing the .pageindex to not update as quickly as it should.
* Slightly changed the handling of 'width' and 'height' in wikistyles.php, so that they can be be applied as attributes to <object> and <embed> tags.
* Updated the Keep() function to recognize closing block tags as being in the 'B' block pool.
* Fixed a bug with wikistyles and form tags.

!!!Version 2.1.18 (2006-08-28)
* Closed a potential cross-site scripting vulnerability in table markups (reported by JB).
* Added [@(:input image:)@] markup (requested by JB).
* Fixed problem with ?action=print failing to set [@{$Action}@] (reported by Bart).

!!!Version 2.1.17 (2006-08-26)
* Added some improvements to IMS caching to better handle logout and authorization actions (PITS:00573, reported by floozy and Henrik Bechmann).

!!!Version 2.1.16 (2006-08-26)
* Added $SkinLibDirs variable, to select filesystem and url locations where skins may be found (resolves PITS:00708, as reported by Hagan Fox, with additional suggestions from Ben Wilson).
* Changed [@<!--HeaderText-->@] to [@<!--HTMLHeader-->@] in skin templates, and added an optional [@<!--HTMLFooter-->@] directive (PITS:00767).
* Adjusted the pmwiki and print skins to use the new directives.

!!!Version 2.1.15 (2006-08-25)
* Fixed issue dealing with order of [@@_site_*@] passwords (reported by Jean-Fabrice and others).
* Added $LocalDir variable (requested by John Rankin).
* Removed an unnecessary setting of $DefaultPage in ''scripts/pgcust.php'' (it's now handled by ResolvePageName() ).
* Added some variables and changes in wikistyles.php to better support wikipublisher (contributed by John Rankin).
* RetrieveAuthPage (PmWikiAuth) now recognizes a $level of 'ALWAYS' as indicating that access should always be allowed, regardless of current passwords or identities.
* Added filter specifier for AuthUser LDAP authentication (contributed by Balu).

!!!Version 2.1.13, 2.1.14 (2006-08-15, 2006-08-16)
* Updated scripts/authuser.php to allow ldaps://... authentications (contributed by Michael Brenner).
* Fixed problem with numeric passwords introduced in 2.1.beta20 (reported by Christophe David and Dirk Blaas).

!!!Version 2.1.12 (2006-08-07)
* Corrected typo in Site.SideBar file (reported by Judith Zacharie).
* Suppressed warning message for search on sites without a wikilib.d/ directory.
* Added capability for nested divs.
* Use $Transition['nodivnest'] to restore previous non-nesting div/table behavior.
* Including authuser.php now automatically resolves pagename.
* Added [@(:noaction:)@] directive to turn off actions.
* Fixed bug in wikistyles prior to image blocks.
* Added white-space as allowed wikistyle (suggested by C. Ridderstr&#246;m).
* Allow colons, hyphens, and dots in id= tags.

!!!Version 2.1.11 (2006-06-09)
* Fixed generation of empty paragraphs around [@%define=...%@] wikistyles (PITS:00753).

!!!Version 2.1.10 (2006-06-04)
* Added a <span> around the RecentChanges link in the pmwiki skin (PITS:00750, suggested by Hagan Fox).
* Changed the $Action variable to $ActionTitle (PITS:00749, reported by Hagan Fox).
* Changed $FPLTemplatePageFmt to be an array of pages to be searched for page templates, enabled searching of current page and Site.LocalTemplates page.
* Updated .vspace margin in sidebar for pmwiki skin (PITS:00751, by Hagan Fox).

!!!Version 2.1.9 (2006-06-02)
* Fixed a bug with [@[[~Author]]@] links (PITS:00530 reported by Klonk, PITS:00611 reported by weijang, PITS:00671 reported by Stirling Westrup, and helpful clues provided by Clayton Curtis).

!!!Version 2.1.8 (2006-06-01)
* Added ability to specify notification entries from ''local/config.php'' as well as Site.Notify (suggested by Christophe David).
* Fixed $Transition['vspace'] from 2.1.7.

!!!Version 2.1.7 (2006-05-31)
* Adjusted width of edit form for IE browsers (contributed by Roman and H. Fox).
* Suppress authentication failure error from LDAP (PITS:00739).
* Fixed problem with invalid page names resulting in redirect loop (PITS:00723, reported by jojoo).
* Added "Group." and "Group/" page name syntax, resolving PITS:00736 (from a suggestion by Pico).
* Changed handling of "vspace" paragraphs.
* Fixed some XSS vulnerabilities in uploads.php and url links (reported by Moritz Naumann,
* Added notify.php script, allowing finer control of email notifications.

!!!Version 2.1.6 (2006-05-22)
* Optimized performance of urlapprove.php.
* Added [@(:if auth xyz PageName:)@] syntax.
* Corrected XSS bug in trails.php.
* Slightly improved performance of free links.
* Restore ability to use hyphens in InterMap links (reported by Henrik Bechmann).

!!!Version 2.1.4, 2.1.5 (2006-03-29)
* Fixed problem with pagelist-based feeds (PITS:00709, reported by Jon Haupt).
* Added [@{$Action}@] page variable. (PITS:00696, reported by Sebastian Pipping).
* Added stripmagic() around variables submitted to authuser.php.
* Fixed problem with multi-term searches containing special characters (PITS:00713, reported by Leo).
* Switched [[PageDirectives#attachlist| [@(:attachlist:)@] ]] to use a natural case sort (suggested by H. Fox).

!!!Version 2.1.3 (2006-03-17)
* Re-fixed problem with PHP 5.1.1 and lines= option to [@(:include:)@] (PITS:00620).
* Fixed empty LDAP password issue (reported by Thomas Lederer).

!!!Version 2.1.2 (2006-03-16)
* Fixed <h1>/<h2> tag mismatches (PITS:00702, reported by Martin Hason).
* Fixed bug with $AllowPassword and "nopass" (reported by M. Weiner and bram brambring).
* Improved the speed of RSS and other web feeds when $EnablePageListProtect is not set.

!!!Version 2.1.1 (2006-03-13)
* Fixed a bug with multiple authorization groups as a password (PITS:00699, reported by Ari Epstein).
* Updated the authorization code to be a bit more liberal with password/group settings.
* Updated PmWiki.FAQ page to be able to grab FAQ items from other pages in the documentation.

!!Version 2.1.0 (2006-03-12)
* Many many documentation updates (special thanks to many authors).
* Allow trailing underscores in upload names (requested by Hans).
* Fixed 'ak_print' problem causing accesskey='a' for print (noted by Pico).
* Added code to make sure each anchor is generated only once per page (for XHTML validity).
* Added a $BlockPattern variable to recognize block HTML tags.
* Made an adjustment to Keep() so that it places strings with block HTML into the 'B' pool.
* Adjusted stdmarkup.php to not produce paragraphs for keep blocks in the 'B' pool.
* Corrected a variety of i18n phrases.
* Added class='escaped' to distinguish [=@@...@@=] from [=[@...@]=] (from a comment by Hans).
* Slightly changed styling of .faq divs.
* Made the edit textarea a couple of rows smaller to better fit on smaller displays (suggested by H. Fox).
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