(:groupheader:)(:Summary:variables used when editing pages:) To set many of the variables below specify them in @@config.php@@. <:vspace> :$AutoCreate:Used in conjunction with the AutoCreateTargets edit function, this array records any sets of pages which should be created automatically if they don't exist. The syntax is -> [@$AutoCreate[REGEXP] = PAGE_PARAMETERS;@] -> where @@REGEXP@@ is a regular expression which will identify the pages to be autocreated, and @@PAGE_PARAMETERS@@ is an array of attributes for the page to be created. For example, -> [@$AutoCreate['/^Category\\./'] = array('ctime' => $Now);@] -> will create a blank page with a current creation time for any missing Category page. <:vspace> :$DefaultPageTextFmt:The text that should be displayed when browsing non-existent pages. As default PmWiki uses the contents of Site.PageNotFound -> [@$DefaultPageTextFmt = '(:include $[{$SiteGroup}.PageNotFound]:)';@] <:vspace> :$DeleteKeyPattern:The pattern used to determine if a page should be deleted. The default is to remove pages that contain only the single word "delete" (and optional spaces). -> # change delete word to "remove" -> $DeleteKeyPattern = "^\\s*remove\\s*$"; -> # delete any page with no visible text, i.e., empty -> $DeleteKeyPattern = "^\\s*$"; <:vspace> :$DiffKeepDays:The $DiffKeepDays variable sets the minimum length of time that a page's revision history is kept. By default it is set to 3650 days, or a little less than ten years. You can change this value in a customization file to be something smaller, e.g.: -> $DiffKeepDays = 30; # keep revisions at least 30 days : :Note that a specific page revision isn't removed from the page until the first edit after the time specified by $DiffKeepDays has elapsed. Thus, it's still possible for some pages to have revisions older than $DiffKeepDays -- such revisions will be removed the next time those pages are edited. <:vspace> :$DiffKeepNum:This variable contains the minimum number of changes to be kept in the page history, even if some of them are older than the limit defined by $DiffKeepDays. It prevents lost history of pages that are older, but have few changes. -> $DiffKeepNum = 50; # keep at least 50 revisions (default is 20) <:vspace> :$DraftSuffix:The suffix to use for draft versions of pages (default "-Draft"). <:vspace> :$EditFunctions: This array contains the sequence of functions that are called when a page is edited. It can be customized to provide additional functions to be called as part of the editing process. The standard setting is: -> [@$EditFunctions = array('EditTemplate', 'RestorePage', 'ReplaceOnSave', 'SaveAttributes', 'PostPage', 'PostRecentChanges', 'AutoCreateTargets', 'PreviewPage'); @] <:vspace> :$EditRedirectFmt: The page to which an author is sent after pressing "Save" or "Cancel" from an edit form. Defaults to "$FullName", which sends the author to the page just edited, but can be changed to specify another page. -> [@# redirect to Main.HomePage $EditRedirectFmt = 'Main.HomePage'; # redirect to HomePage of current group $EditRedirectFmt = '{$Group}.HomePage'; @] <:vspace> :$EditTemplatesFmt:Name of the page (or an array of names) to be used as the default text for any newly created pages. -> [@# Use 'Main.NewPageTemplate' as default text of all new pages $EditTemplatesFmt = 'Main.NewPageTemplate'; # Use 'Template' in the current group for new pages $EditTemplatesFmt = '$Group.Template'; # Use 'Template' in the current group if it exists, otherwise # use 'Main.NewPageTemplate' $EditTemplatesFmt = array('$Group.Template', 'Main.NewPageTemplate');@] -> See [[Cookbook:EditTemplates]] for more information. <:vspace> <:vspace> :$EnableDrafts:When set to '1', enables the "Save draft" button and built-in handling of "draft" versions of pages, where: ## initial "Save draft" of an existing page ("PageName") saves changes to a new name ("PageName-Draft") ## subsequent attempts to edit PageName causes PageName-Draft to be edited ## subsequent selections of "Save draft" cause PageName-Draft to be saved ## pressing "Publish" causes PageName-Draft to be posted to PageName, and deleted. -> # turn on draft edits -> $EnableDrafts = 1; <:vspace> ->A related variable, $EnablePublishAttr, adds a new "publish" authorization level to distinguish editing of drafts from publishing them. <:vspace> :$EnableDraftAtomicDiff:When set to 1, "publishing" a draft version will clear the "draft" history, leaving a single "diff" between the latest and the previous "published" versions. Note that this will delete the author names, dates and contributions of the intermediate, unpublished versions. ([[Drafts]] need to be enabled, see $EnableDrafts.) <:vspace> :$EnableGUIButtons:When set to '1', turns on the graphical buttons in the "Edit Page" form. -> # turn on graphical edit buttons -> $EnableGUIButtons = 1; <:vspace> :$EnablePostAuthorRequired:When set to '1', posting of pages requires the author to provide an author name. Otherwise, authors can post without a name. -> # require authors to provide a name -> $EnablePostAuthorRequired = 1; <:vspace> :$HandleEditFmt: Like $HandleBrowseFmt, this specifies the entire output format for ?action=edit for a page. <:vspace> :$IsPagePosted: Set to a true value if the page is actually saved (e.g., this is used to tell the RecentChanges handlers if they need to update). <:vspace> :$PageEditFmt: By default, this is the HTML to be displayed for an edit form. <:vspace> :$PageEditForm: Specifies the edit form for ?action=edit. Defaults to '$SiteGroup.EditForm'. <:vspace> :$ROEPatterns: With this array you can add a pattern as ''key'' and set a text ''value'' which replace it on every edit request, using preg_replace function. Specifically it is replaced when the page is loaded into the editform, whenever a preview is done, and when the page is saved (from PmWiki 2.2.0beta45). See Cookbook:ROEPatterns for examples. <:vspace> :$ROSPatterns: With this array you can add patterns as ''key'' and set a text ''value'' which will replace it when the edited page is posted (as signaled by $EnablePost). It is not replaced when the page is loaded into the editform nor when a preview is done, but it is replaced only when the page is saved. See Cookbook:ROSPatterns for examples.(:groupfooter:) <:block>