(:groupheader:)(:Summary:variables crucial for site security:) <:vspace> :$DefaultPasswords: Specifies default passwords for user admin or actions (edit, read, upload). See [[PmWiki/PasswordsAdmin#settingsitewidepasswords]]. <:vspace> :$EnablePostAttrClearSession:A switch to control whether or not changing a page's attributes causes any existing passwords to be forgotten. The default is that changing attributes forgets any passwords entered; this can be changed by setting $EnablePostAttrClearSession to zero. <:vspace> :$EnableSessionPasswords: Control whether passwords are saved as part of the session. If set to zero, then session passwords are never saved (although any [[AuthUser]] authentications are still remembered). <:vspace> :$SessionEncode: Function to use to encode sensitive information in sessions. Set this to NULL if you want to not use any encoding. (See also $SessionDecode below.) <:vspace> :$SessionDecode: Function to reverse the decoding given by $SessionEncode above. Set this to NULL if sensitive session values are not encoded. <:vspace> :$HandleAuth:This sets the required authentication Level that is necessary to perform an action. When using the following example in your @@config.php@@ you need to be authenticated as editor in order to view the page history: $HandleAuth['diff'] = 'edit'; <:vspace> :$PageAttributes:Set the string shown on the attributes page when entering a password for an action. <:vspace> :$AuthLDAPBindDN:For sites using [[AuthUser]] with LDAP authentication, this specifies the distinguished name (DN) to be used to bind to the LDAP server to check identity. <:vspace> :$AuthLDAPBindPassword:For [[AuthUser]] with LDAP authentication, this specifies the password used for binding (in conjunction with $AuthLDAPBindDN above). <:vspace> :$EnablePublishAttr:Adds a new "publish" authorization level to distinguish editing of drafts from publishing - See $EnableDrafts. <:vspace> :$EnablePageVarAuth: In PmWiki versions 2.2.22 and 2.2.23 this variable should be set to 0. In 2.2.24 it will no longer be used. <:vspace> See also: * [[Security]] * $EnablePageListProtect <:vspace> (:groupfooter:) <:block>