(:groupheader:)(:Summary: Determining and displaying the current version of PmWiki ({$Version}):) <:vspace> '''This wiki installation is running version %red%{$Version}%%, version number %red%{$VersionNum}%%.''' <:vspace> !! Obtaining the PmWiki version Use the [@{$Version}@] [[page variable(s)]] to display the current version of PmWiki. <:vspace> See the [[SiteAdmin.Status]] page for the current version and version number. <:vspace> For example (:markup:) This wiki installation is running PmWiki {$Version}, version number {$VersionNum}. -<The default group is {$DefaultGroup}. -<The default name is {$DefaultName}. -<The site group is {$SiteGroup} (:markupend:) <:vspace> See also [[basic variables]]. <:vspace> The script @@version.php@@ contains the declaration of the version number. <:vspace> !! Obtaining recipe versions The [[(PmWiki:)Site Analyzer]] can be used to display the current version of [[Cookbook(:/)]] recipes. <:vspace> See also [[Cookbook:RecipeCheck]] <:vspace> <:vspace> (:groupfooter:) <:block>