(:groupheader:)(:Summary: PmWiki structural support for page organization:) Authors have a range of options to choose from when organizing a collection of [[wiki page]]s. Used in combination, these give a lot of flexibility. An effective wiki will use all of these to optimize * content * navigation These are the two most important aspects of a website. <:vspace> :[[Wiki Word]]: The most powerful organizing principle is the author's choice of page names. When a search returns a list of pages, their names need to be clear enough to guide a visitor to the right place. : : Providing a network of [[PmWiki/links]] to other points in the wiki, with or without wiki words, is the primary means of navigating a wiki. <:vspace> :[[Wiki Page]]: A page with text (and images), where the text can contain for instance [[WikiWord]]s that automatically becomes a link to another WikiPage. <:vspace> :[[Wiki Group]]: PmWiki requires every page to be a member of a group. A group is like a wiki within a wiki; it can have its own presentation look, security controls and navigation aids. With default configuration, [[WikiWord]]s are only searched inside the current group, and you use either [@OtherGroup/MyWikiWord@] or [@OtherGroup.MyWikiWord@] to refer to pages in other groups (see [[Links]]). <:vspace> :[[Wiki Trails]]: A collection of pages, either in the same group or across multiple groups, can be designated as a trail. A visitor can move from stop to stop by clicking on ''next'' and ''previous'' links. <:vspace> :[[Categories]]: Individual wiki pages can also be grouped by having tags and links to a common "category" page; we say that any pages that link to a common page are in a "category" defined by that page. PmWiki uses the [@[[!category]]@] markup as a shorthand to place a page into a category with other pages containing the same markup. : : The shortcoming of categories is that categories do not distinguish between the declaration of a category ([=[[!structure]]=]) and the link to a category ([=[[Category/Structure]]=]). <:vspace> :[[Page text variables]]: A newer and more powerful concept than [[Categories]], pages can use one of more [[page text variables]] to store page attributes. These can the be used in [[page lists]]. <:vspace> :[[Page lists]]: Page lists provide a powerful means of presenting lists of relevant pages, or selection of data from within a page. Lists are [[Site/PageListTemplates|template]] based and are highly customizable. <:vspace> :[[Include other pages]]: The capability to include parts of other pages also provides a flexible means of sharing content between pages. <:vspace> :[[Search]]: Being able to search is a fundamental requirement of a website. In PmWiki search, like pagelists is both powerful and highly customizable. (:groupfooter:) <:block>