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I am a commercial pilot available to work as either an independent contractor or a regular employee. I am also skilled as a consultant in the business consulting field. I have unique skills as a bush pilot, and also possess extensive knowledge of retail sales, retail floor space design, and staff training techniques, particularly in the Natural Foods field.

When I'm not driving or flying around Canada I enjoy the outdoors, hobby artwork, and supporting dog rescues in whatever ways I can.

I view life as a constant opportunity to learn, and travel is a great teacher. Besides seeing much of Canada I have also been to England, Spain, Mauritius, The United States, Mexico, and the Bahamas. Most recently just before the current pandemic began I was in Santiago Chile and Easter Island. Surely one of the most interesting trips of my life. It was thrilling to swim with sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean, and to see and learn about the history of the iconic Moai statues. It was thrilling to fulfill the dream of seeing that part of the world. Here is a photo from a day tour of the island!

From the start of my life learning has been a passion of mine. As a child I went to the library and read about the travels of others but getting my pilot's license at the age of 17 was a tool that led to exploring and learning about the world around me. While going to college I took flying lessons at the Toronto Buttonville Airport. Many of my friends got a tour around the CN Tower at that time!

After getting my diploma in environmental sciences, I finished off my flight training where I started at the Carp Airport.

Here I am just after flying my sister and her friends to Boston with my new license. But I had to get on with finding that elusive first flying job.

Shortly after getting my commercial pilot's license I sent out resumes with little response. Then I got a little bit of a lucky break. The manager at the flying came down with Meningitis, and he phoned me to ask me to work in the office. Small charters in the Cessna 172 started coming in, and then the company bought a twin engine Piper Navajo. Soon I was flying all over the Northeast and even up to the Arctic. I took lots of photos, and collected lots of souvenirs too!

These are icebergs in Hudson Bay as we returned from a trip in the Arctic. I always had my camera with me because you never know what you are going to see...

Now I hold a commercial pilot's license and have flown over 2700 hours in small aircraft. These include Cessna single engine planes used in bush flying, and twin engine  planes like the Piper Navajo.

Check out this video of one my latest landings delivering groceries to an isolated community in the Canadian North.

 The Cessna 206 has been an enjoyable plane to fly in the North. It's rugged and can carry up to 1000 lbs of groceries or 5 passenger.

Recently I've been bush flying from small  airstrips in Northern Canada, but in the past I flew to larger airports in places like Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City.  There are things to like in both these  environments. I am just as happy watching a sunset in the wilderness as standing on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

If you want to meet the local dogs though that's a little easier in the North. Here are a couple of dogs who stopped by to play and have a nap under my plane!

I love to explore. On this continent I have been to hundreds of towns and cities from the Arctic to Florida. Like I was saying earlier I have also been to the Bahamas, Mexico, England, Spain, and Mauritius Island. There is something interesting almost everywhere in my opinion and I like to hear the stories local people tell. This is Flic en Flac Beach on the beautiful Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius.

In Mauritius also got to swim with dolphins in Tamarin Bay. Believe it or not the 2 hour tour was only 30 dollars. The wild dolphins were aware of the habits of humans and we drove the boat to them when they surfaced. Then you could jump in and snorkel near them until they decided to dive straight down into the depths. Truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Surreal like  diving into a blue dream!

On Easter Island I had similar experience swimming with sea turtles near the island shore. Every day they swim in a sort of natural swimming pool formed by volcanic  rocks. I followed them at a distance. They didn't seem to mind, but one did make a sudden turn to have a closer look at me.

Want to see what it's like to up close and personal to a Sea Turtle? The video is right here!

When I'm not traveling on my own, I see lots of interesting things as a pilot too.

During my career as a commercial pilot  I have been in diverse parts of Canada. I have ranged from Northern Ontario, to the North West Territories where I worked as a Fire Patrol Pilot, and have worked in Manitoba as a fishing lodge camp pilot and also later serving the communities with passenger and cargo transport.  Being a pilot might not always pay a lot of money, but you sure get to visit a lot of  places you never would have otherwise. The  Northwest Territories is a good example of that. Some parts of it are quite literally the end of the road so you have to have a reason to be there.

There also aren't that many places in the world where the road traffic you encounter is a buffalo!

I saw this buffalo driving near Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.

Photography is a passion of mine and I have taken thousands of photos so it's hard to choose what to show but here are at least a couple. The waterfalls of the NWT were spectacular!

The sunsets in Northern Manitoba are consistently stunning too.

And here are the Canadian Rockies near the Alaska Highway in Northern BC. I got a chance to take a little dip in the Liard River Hot Springs on this trip.

Of course I go on road trips in Ontario finding new camping spots. Sauble Beach Ontario has been a favourite place to relax for years, but you can find great scenery all over the place. In winter or summer th  drive through Lake Superior Provincial Park can be spectacular too. Be warned though... the water in Superior is ALWAYS cold !

Sauble Beach Ontario - a beach resort town you may not know about

Bachawana Bay just a couple of hours past Sault Ste Marie Ontario. Near the scene of the famous Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck told in the famous Canadian song by Gordon Lightfoot.

And I'm not sure what I'm doing in this picture, but it's at Frontenac Provincial Park Ontario. Strangely there were hardly and mosquitos out. Must have been because there were so many dragonflies helping out with that problem!

And you must visit Flowerpot Island and the Bruce Peninsula if you're in that area too. Very beautiful!

That's some Canada!

Canada is an amazing country and being in aviation has given me the unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty and nature that it has. I enjoy hiking on the shorelines, observing the stars, and seeing animals like coyotes, eagles, and moose. The sunsets I see in the North give me the inspiration to make small paintings to I use to share the feeling of the moment.

On a road trip you might be annoyed because I will stop at every garage sale trying to find an exciting hidden treasure. I enjoy hiking  as well as biking. The slower speed gives me more time to take in the scenery.

I also love to learn and try new things out. I have even made a few oil paintings of landscapes and pets, most of which  I give away as gifts.

This painting of the old family house in Dunrobin hangs in a house in Mauritius now

I prefer action packed films and television, and mostly read about current events or history. Ancient mysteries fascinate me especially, but I also do a lot of reading about more recent times. You can count on me to be up to date about the latest world news.

I have a special interest in  the welfare of animals, especially pets. My family has always had dogs so I feel a special need to learn about them. This had led to an interest in nutrition and sharing what i learn with others. Its amazing how much nature has provided for us.  My experience with pets has shown me how most nutritional knowledge applies to humans just as much as it does to dogs or cats. 

I have used this knowledge  as a retail sales consultant in the Natural Health industry, assisting in the training of retail store staff on the value of supplements. When it comes to my own diet the most important things i am conscientious about including in my own diet are berries, greens, and chlorella algae powder most recently.  Every summer I grow my own greens in a garden or a box if no garden is available. Dollar tree lettuce seeds are only 31 cents each so everyone should be able to do this.

I prefer organic foods and drinking spring water over tap water because there are less chemicals.  Check out my blog on the benefits of berries and other nutritional and cancer fighting foods here. Over time I have seen the benefits of raspberry powder to health of pets, and feel that it could improve the lives of humans too. But it's getting expensive. With shipping a pound of raspberry powder costs about 80 dollars now.

I like to try out new international recipes, but I have more than one favourite. Indian, Mexican and Chinese are the go to choices. My regular weekly activity is my cardio class, but in the past I also attended yoga classes sometimes. It didn't improve my flexibility much, but it took me in philosophical directions that make it something I recommend everyone try out. 

I believe overcoming prejudices towards others is one of the greatest challenges for the human race and the key to solving many of our problems. As a traveler I had the benefit of meeting many different people and understand that most people have the same interests at heart.

I hope that you got a small glimpse into where I have been and maybe gave you some ideas about where to go next. And for me where  to next? I've always wanted to go to La Paz, Bolivia.  I feel privileged to have seen a large part of this corner of the universe and its people. Drop me a line if want to find out more. I always love to hear from fellow travelers.


I would like help make the lives of others better. I am also looking for my next big adventure. There are still many places I want to visit and even more to which I want to return. The camera is charged up and my backpack is packed; drop me a line if you know where I should go next!


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